Lindbrook Industries - specializing in refurbishing park equipment; breathing new life into a myriad of tired, old recreational products
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Refurbishing Site Furnishings

Delivery of Garbage Containers Re-coated Entrance Sign Old Hockey Goal
Entrance Signs
Signage throughout parks, towns or cities can be re-coated to look as new. Call for a quote. Why pay for the cost of new when re-coating is so easy!
Arena Hockey Goals
If your Goal Posts look like this, save the cost of ordering replacement ones and ask for a quote on having them look like new again.
Re-Coated Hockey Goal Old and Weathered  Park Bench
Park Benches / Picnic Tables
Weathered and old benches, tables or garbage containers can be blasted and re-coated in whatever colour you choose
Re-coated Park Furnishing Picnic Table Freestanding Steel
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