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The powdercoating process is uniquely different from the older paint processes that uses liquid paints. As its name suggest, the process uses a powder which is fed into a hand-held applicator called a powdercoating gun. The powdercoating gun sprays the powder out through the nozzle onto the prepared metal. If that were all to the process, the powder would simply drop to the ground. However, the gun applies an electrostatic charge to the powder itself allowing the powder to attach to the metal. The coated metal is then baked in the oven giving a very smooth, extremely durable finish.
Sandblasting is, as the name suggests, the process whereby many granules of sand are blasted at an object in order to remove its surface coating of either paint, rust, oils or any contaminants. It is considered to be the best method of removing rust or contaminants from steel. The sand used in sandblasting is a fine, clean, powdery sand completely unlike outdoor sand.
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Environmental Benefits:
Because the powdercoating process only uses powder, it does not require any solvents to remove excess powder or to clean the equipment, making Powdercoating one of the most beneficial coating available for the environment.
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